Crimson Sailing Academy

at Harvard

I am interested in sending my son to your clinic. Can he come solo and have a crew assigned to him or should he come as a team?
It is best if your son comes as a team with his crew. However, he can come by himself as a skipper, and he will co-skipper with another skipper.
What level sailor should attend this clinic?
The clinic is for high school sailors, junior sailors and college club team racers.
My daughter did your clinic last year and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Do you think it is beneficial for her to repeat this clinic?
Yes, we can help her continue to build her skills from where they are.
My daughter is bugging me for a dry suit. Will she need one for this clinic and do you recommend any type or brand?
The weather is very variable in April. Some years kids have had to wear wetsuits or drysuits during the clinic. Other years it has been milder and the sailors have not had to wear them. For the April clinic they must have a wetsuit or dry suit in case it is cold. As far as brands go, the major ones are all pretty good. If you do decide to get one, I recommend shopping around on the internet. APS, Layline and other vendors can have deals occasionally.
Will you provide food?
You need to bring a lunch - but we do have a refrigerator you can use. Also, pack some snacks that are portable and easy to eat (we may eat snacks on the water). Water is essential. Bring an unbreakable water bottle you can bring in the boat with you.
Where can we pick up lunch near the sailing center?
In Kendall Square on Main Street there are a bunch of delis and sandwich places.
Do we have to take the swim test again if we had already taken it last year?
No, if you have already taken the Harvard Recreational Boating Swim Test and passed it, you do not have to take it again. On the first day of the clinic, skip the swim test and join the clinic at the Harvard Sailing Center.
Are there any accomodations near the sailing center?
The following is a link to a map of nearby hotels.

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